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Fear - Doubt - Action - Power
For our first Circle, JoAnna shared her
experience, strength, hope and the vision
that created Lady Liberty Sisterhood. Also,
about the importance of sisterhood, support,
solidarity and women's spirituality circles to
keep us bonded, focused and spiritually fit
as women in our current political climate.
Group Participation Followed
November 19, 2016
Rev. Ava Park
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Founder of the Goddess Temple of Orange County
Ava spoke on Reclaiming the Queen in ourselves and
taking back our natural spiritual authority as woman,
followed by questions and a lively group discussion
November 26, 2016
Karen Tate
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December 10, 2016

Karen spoke about:
Goddess Spirituality:
Solutions and Sanctuary
followed by group participation
and a lively discussion

February 11, 2017

Karen talked about reclaiming Goddess
Mythologies and the earlier stories that mirror
the feminine experience and why it is so
important to reshaping our world today.
It was followed by a lively discussion.
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December 24, 2016
December 30, 2016
Z Budapest
Z spoke on the magical and spiritual significance
of the Solstice Season along with the many
Women's Holy Days in December that have been
suppressed by the male religions of Patriarchy.
She also covered a wide array of topics from the
roots of patriarchy to Women's Spirituality and
how important it is to reclaim, love and educate
ourselves as women; to respect ourselves and
our sisters; to embrace spiritual practices that
honor who we are as women from the cradle to
the grave. Z also answered questions and
responded personally to each of the women
who took part in the circle that day.

Lively, Educational and Fun!
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Jan. 14, 2017
Topic: What is a Priestess?
Vajra Ma
TOPICS on December 3rd & 17th
Going Beyond Gender Politics
& Identity and Finding a
Common Ground
from two different perspectives
followed by a Lively Discussion
Z Budapest is an American author, activist, journalist, playwright and songwriter who has written many
books on Feminist Spirituality and Women's Religion. She founded the Susan B. Anthony Coven # 1, the
first feminist, woman-only coven, and the Women's Spirituality Forum, a non-profit organization featuring
lectures, retreats and other events. Her play, THE RISE OF THE FATES premiered in Los Angeles in the
mid-1970's. She also composed the well known song: WE ALL COME FROM THE GODDESS, which is
sung in women's circles in every country. Later, in the San Fransisco Bay Area,  Z created her own
cable TV show called 13TH HEAVEN and wrote for the San Francisco Examiner on pagan religion.

Z is Pioneer and Fore-mother of the Women's Spirituality Movement. She was born in Hungary in 1940
and came to the US in 1959, where she married, raised 2 sons and divorced. She moved from New
York City to Los Angeles in 1970 becoming an activist in the Women's Liberation Movement and
staff member at the Women's Center where she organized street marches, the Anti-Rape Squad
Take Back the Night Movement in Southern California.  Z also led her first women's spirituality
ritual on a hill top in Los Angeles in 1971 igniting women's interest in circles around the world.

In 1975, Z was arrested for "fortune telling" at her candle and book store in Venice California by an
undercover police woman, which led to a guilty verdict and 9 years of appeals on the grounds that
Tarot Reading was a method of spiritual counseling within the context of Women's Religion.
The state's Supreme Court repealed the guilty verdict as unconstitutional and in violation of the
Freedom of Religion Act, and the laws against "fortune telling" were struck from California law.
Z's defense-team described Z's arrest and trial as "the first witch prosecuted since Salem."   
Topic on Feb. 4, 2017

Vajra probed these questions about recent Women's March:
What unified women globally? Why and how did it jump from a
post-inauguration march on Washington DC to a global event with
millions of women marching in numerous cities on all 7 continents?

Knowing the answer to these questions will keep us from being
silenced in the future or separated during any kind of backlash.

Remember-- this has never happened on our planet before!
What unified women in this march, beyond differences, is what
will unify women into a global collective that is good for all of us!
This collective solidarity is also what will bring manifested solutions
in the future to all the important causes and issues we care about.
Karen is an Author, Speaker, Sacred Tour
Director, Radio Show Host, Social Justice
Activist and Wisdom Keeper of the
Women's Spirituality Movement.
Her work has been fueled by her intense
interest in comparative religions, ancient
cultures, Goddess Spirituality and travel.
She has also been called one of the
most influential women in the
Goddess Spirituality Movement of today.
February 18, 2017
Topic Shared...
Recovering & Reclaiming
the Power of the Divine Feminine
to heal, to remember who we are;
Return to the Authentic Self and
take different actions to reshape
our life and the world around us.
Open & Read Fertile Ground